Welcome to the Dynamics Team at Jacobs University!

Our dynamical team is interested in various aspects of dynamical systems; we are part of the small but active mathematics group here at Jacobs University, a small private University in Germany with very international students. Our 1000+ students at the university are coming from more than 90 countries!

Our focus of research is on holomorphic dynamics with its rich interactions to as diverse areas of mathematics as complex analysis, geometry, algebra and group theory, "fractals and chaos", number theory, and numerical analysis. While traditionally dynamical systems are often considered as part of applied mathematics, holomorphic dynamics is different: we certainly view it as part of "theoretical mathematics'', but we do find exciting applications to numerical analysis, especially root finding. In fact, holomorphic dynamics is credited with "bridging the traditional borders between pure and applied mathematics", and indeed we enjoy the rich connections to many areas of mathematics and even physics.

We also take a leading role in building bridges between top-level mathematical researchers of today and those of tomorrow. We are actively involved in a spectrum of activities that give budding mathematicians, including high school and young university students, the opportunity to meet leading researchers and to contribute to relevant research and to participate in research publications. And of course, a good number of professional mathematicians started their international career here as undergraduate or PhD students as can be seen on our page of past and present members.