Research Events

Mathematics is a very social science, and much progress happens in formal and informal discussions between active people, often with different background. We are thus actively involved in various forms of mathematical interaction.

  • At Jacobs University, we run an active mathematics colloquium (usually Mondays, 17:15, preceded by coffee & tea).
  • The dynamics team runs its regular seminar in geometry and dynamics (usually Tuesdays, 14:15, followed by the dynamics coffee & cake); external and internal speakers share their recent research progress and discuss their questions.
  • Informally associated to the dynamics seminar is the informal learning seminar which is a place where current progress in the field is discussed and shared.

Moreover, we are involved in the organization of international research conferences, including the following:

Among high-profile activities for international students that reach out to young talents, we co-organized the 50th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO 2009) and the “Modern Mathematics” International Summer Schools 2011, 2013, 2015 (Bremen) and 2012, 2014 (Lyon), and also the “International Tournament of Young Mathematicians” (ITYM 2014).