The Dynamics Team at Jacobs University

Dynamics team photo
  • Dierk Schleicher, Professor, PhD Cornell University/US (advisor: John Hubbard), postdocs/assistant professor in Berkeley/US, Stony Brook/US, Munich/Germany, visiting positions at IHP Paris/France, Toronto/Canada, Cornell/US, ICERM Providence/US.
    Main research interests: transcendental dynamics, Newton’s root-finding method in theory and applications, Thurston theory, Teichmüller theory, parameter spaces in holomorphic dynamics (especially the Mandelbrot set), symbolic dynamics, hyperbolic and fractal geometry.
  • Keivan Mallahi-Karai, University Lecturer, PhD Yale University/US (advisor: Grigory Margulis).
    Main research interests: Lie groups, arithmetic groups, property (T),  dynamical systems and ergodic theory, financial mathematics.
  • Russell Lodge, Postdoc, PhD Indiana University/US (advisor: Kevin Pilgrim).
    Research interests: holomorphic dynamics (especially combinatorial aspects), Teichmüller space, self-similar groups.
  • Dzmitry Dudko, research assistant, M.Sc. Belarusian State Univ./Belarus, PhD Jacobs Univ. 2012: The decoration conjecture for the Mandelbrot set and local connectivity in spaces of quadratic rational maps (advisors: Laurent Bartholdi and Dierk Schleicher).
    Research interests: holomorphic and symbolic dynamics, the Mandelbrot set, theory of matings; applications of self-similar groups to dynamical systems.
  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee, John Milnor lecturer, Stony Brook Univ./US, M.Sc. Univ. Calcutta/India, M.Sc. Univ. Paris 13/France, PhD Jacobs Univ. 2015: Antiholomorphic Dynamics: Topology of Parameter Spaces and Discontinuity of Straightening (advisor: Dierk Schleicher).
    Research interests: parameter spaces of holomorphic dynamical systems; parabolic germs and horn maps.
  • Khudoyor Mamayusupov, Postdoc, M.Sc. Univ. Tashkent/Uzbekistan, PhD Jacobs Univ. 2015: On Postcritically Minimal Newton Maps (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), Asst. Prof., Inha Univ./South Korea (Feb-Aug 2016) and Inha Univ./Uzbekistan (from Sep 2016).
    Research interests: holomorphic dynamics, Newton's method, surgery; limit cycles of ODEs.
  • Kostiantyn Drach, Postdoc, PhD Karazin University / Kharkiv, Ukraine (advisor: Alexander Borisenko).
    Research interests:  Riemannian and differential geometry; comparison techniques in Riemannian geometry; isoperimetric inequalities; tessellations and abstract polytopes; holomorphic dynamics.
  • Mikhail Hlushchanka, graduate student, M.Sc. Belarusian State Univ./Belarus.
    Research interests: holomorphic, symbolic and arithmetic dynamics, theory of matings; applications of self-similar groups to dynamical systems; conformal geometry; graph theory.
  • Bayani Hazemach, graduate student from California.
    Research interests: Thurston theory, Teichmüller theory.
  • Konstantin Bogdanov, graduate student, M.Sc. Belarusian State Univ./Belarus.
    Research interests: transcendental dynamics, Thurston and Teichmüller theory.
  • Marten Fels, Diplom Univ. Bonn/Germany, M.Phil. CUNY/U.S.
    Research interests:  boundaries of Teichmüller space, symbolic dynamics, topological entropy.
  • Bernhard Reinke, graduate student, M.Sc. Maths Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.
    Research interests:  transcendental dynamics, applications of self-similar groups to
    dynamical systems.
  • David Pfrang, graduate student, M.Sc. University of Würzburg.
    Research interests: Transcendental dynamics and connections to complex analysis.
  • Michael Rothgang, undergraduate student.
    Research interests: transcendental and symbolic dynamics.
  • Simon Schmitt, graduate student, B.Sc. Jacobs Univ., M.Sc. Cambridge Univ.
    Research interests: Newton’s method as an efficient root finder.

Former dynamics team members

  • Volodymyr Nekrashevych, PhD Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko Univ. (advisor Vitaly Sushchansky), Visiting Assistant Prof. Jacobs Univ., now Prof., Texas A&M Univ./US.
  • Daniel Meyer, PhD Univ. Washington/US (advisor Steffen Rohde), Prof. Jacobs Univ., now visiting Prof., Univ. Jyväskylä/Finland.
  • Johannes Zimmer, Diploma Technische Univ. München/Germany 1997: Über das Iterationsverhalten von postsingulär endlichen Exponentialabbildungen (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), PhD  Technische Univ. München/Germany 2001 (advisors: Jürgen Scheure and Karl-Heinz Hoffmann), now Prof., Univ. of Bath/UK.
  • Vlad Vicol, B.Sc. Jacobs Univ. 2005: A classification of postsingularly finite exponential maps, joint with Bastian Laubner (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), PhD. Univ. Southern California/US (advisor: Igor Kukavica), now Asst. Prof., Princeton Univ./US.
  • Mark Comerford, PhD Yale Univ. (advisor Peter Jones), Postdoc Jacobs Univ., now Prof., Univ. Rhode Island/US.
  • Mihai Băileşteanu, B.Sc. Jacobs Univ. 2006: Hausdorff dimension of parameter rays in the space of exponential maps (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), PhD Cornell Univ. (advisor: Xiaodong Cao), now Asst. Prof., Central Connecticut State Univ./US.
  • Nikita Selinger, M.Sc. Belarusian State Univ./Belarus, PhD Jacobs Univ. 2011: Thurston’s fundamental theorem of complex dynamics and transcendental extensions (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), Milnor Lecturer, Stony Brook Univ. 2011–2015, now Asst. Prof., Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham/US.
  • Magnus Aspenberg, PhD Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (advisor Michael Benedicks), Postdoc Jacobs Univ., now Senior Lecturer, Lund Univ./Sweden.
  • Remus Radu, B.Sc. Jacobs Univ. 2007: Hausdorff dimension and biaccessible points of polynomial Julia sets (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), PhD Cornell Univ./US (advisor: John Hubbard), now Milnor Lecturer, Stony Brook Univ./US.
  • Todor Bilarev, B.Sc. Jacobs Univ. 2011: Newton’s Method — Ecient Root-Finding Algorithm for Polynomials (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), now PhD at Berlin Mathematical School.
  • Mihai Munteanu, B.Sc. Jacobs Univ. 2014: A study of the symbolic dynamics of a family of extensions of the 3n+1 map (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), now graduate student at Univ. California, Berkeley/US.
  • Johannes Riedl, PhD Technische Universität München 2001: Arcs in Multibrot Sets, Locally Connected Julia Sets and Their Construction by Quasiconformal Surgery (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), now at Siemens AG.
  • Bastian Laubner, B.Sc. Jacobs Univ. 2005: A classification of postsingularly finite exponential maps, joint with Vlad Vicol (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), PhD Humboldt-Univ. zu Berlin (advisor: Martin Grohe), now founder and CEO of Bramblecloud UG.
  • Markus Förster, undergraduate Technische Univ. München/Germany, PhD Jacobs Univ. 2005: Exponential dynamics and infinite-dimensional Thurston theory (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), now at KPMG.
  • Günter Rottenfußer, undergraduate Technische Univ. München/Germany, PhD Jacobs Univ. 2005: Escaping points of transcendental entire functions and a conjecture of Eremenko (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), now at Boston Consulting Group.
  • Johannes Rückert, undergraduate Univ. Munich/Germany, PhD Jacobs Univ. 2006: Newton’s method for finding roots as a dynamical system (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), now CEO of Augustinum.
  • Alexandra Kaffl (now Rückert), undergraduate Univ. Munich/Germany, PhD Jacobs Univ. 2006: Symbolic dynamics of cubic polynomials (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), now at Augustinum.
  • Philipp Meerkamp, B.Sc. Jacobs Univ. 2007: Local connectivity, trivial fibers, and renormalization of polynomial Julia sets (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), PhD Cornell Univ./US (advisor: John M. Guckenheimer), now at Bloomberg L.P.
  • Yauhen “Zhenya” Mikulich, M.Sc. Univ. Grodno/Belarus, PhD Jacobs Univ. 2011: A classification of polynomial Newton maps as dynamical systems (advisor: Dierk Schleicher), SunGard Capital Markets and Investment Banking, now at Banque Pictet & Cie SA.
  • Saikat Batabyal, M.Sc. Visva Bharati Univ./India.


Our mathematical ancestors

Picture (by François Tisseyre): Five generations of mathematicians, each being the advisor of the person to their right: Henri Cartan, Adrien Douady, John Hubbard, Dierk Schleicher, Alexandra Kaffl— at the celebration for Cartan’s 100th birthday (Paris, 2004).

The list of our mathematical ancestors starts (in reverse chronological order) with John Hubbard and Adrien Douady, and continue with Henri Cartan, Paul MontelHenri Lebesgue and Émile Borel...